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About us

At Planet Hair Salon, we can give you the perfect look. We don’t just create for you a beautiful look, we create a look that includes helping you have healthy hair. Whether you wear your hair natural or processed, we’ll show you how to care for your hair and maintain it with the best, affordable products.

Specializing In Natural Hair Care

A lot of people are stepping outside of the box and going natural. This is why we wanted to open a salon like Planet Hair because we are also stepping outside of the box to promote healthy hair for women, men and children. We also use the best hair care products and sell the best hair care products to help you maintain healthy hair at home. Our motto is not just about styling hair; it’s about hair growth, hair care and healthy hair. If you have these 3 ingredients you can not help but have a beautiful style.

Specializing In Braiding

What sets us a part is our staff of dedicated braiders. Our braiders practice the finest age old techniques in the art of braiding, dreads, cornrows, twists and much more. Our braiders are also gentle with clients and work to not place stress on your hair nor hairline. This keeps the hair from being pulled so tight that hair follicles will not become damaged.

If you’ve never tried braiding, rest assure your experience with us will be an enjoyable one. Braids are one of the most convenient and unique ways to wear your hair. They are low maintenance and last a long time. We will show you how to care for your braids and when taken care of properly, braids can assist in hair growth.

Experienced Stylists

An experienced stylist is someone you would look to to give you good advice about your hair, to make sure you get the hair care and products that is needed to have healthy hair. An experienced stylist will also give you good advice on what styles would suite you. An experienced stylist will also be able to give you the right color and cut. They will also be able to give you the right look for any occassion; formal, business, casual or sexy. This is why you need to step into Planet Hair Salon, because we have the experienced stylists.

Child Friendly!

Our salon is also child friendly and our stylists are trained to work with children, providing the patience and comfort that put children and parents at ease with their salon experience with us.

Professional Products Used

We use the finest products: Design Essentials, Kera Care, Affirm, Mazani, Paul Mitchell and Natural Oasis.

We are professionals
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